What is Rub4Scent?

Tidbits on Rub4ScentTM 

  • We can add scent to any coated stock.
  • Rubbing the scent will release the aroma more effectively than scratching it.
  • The amount of scent and its intensity is generally determined by size of the scented area and the amount of rubbing. So, a larger scented area and multiple rubs, will yield more aroma.
  • Unlike traditional gelatin based encapsulation products (ie: Scratch ‘n’ Sniff), Rub4ScentTM lasts for many years, giving it a much longer shelf life than the products it is printed on.

(a simple RUB will do)

For Blank Scented Paper or for Customized Scented Photos, please visit our store at www.rub4scent.com 

Custom Order Scents

Not what you’re looking for? Have questions? Interested in a free scent package?

email: rub4scent@homewoodpress.com  phone: 419-478-0695 Ext. 14

Our current in-stock scents
AlmondGarden MoldMuskSkunk
BaconGeraniumNatural GasSmoke
Bad SmellGingerbreadNew CarSponge Cake
Body OdorHoneyOnionTar
BreadHorse StablePeppermintThyme
CoffeeQuichePetroleumTutti Frutti
Cotton CandyLinenRoasted PeanutVanilla
CurryMapleSea Breeze