August Testimonial

Hi Mark,

Once we learned that Bishop Donnelly wouldn’t be long for this world, I knew I wanted to work with Homewood Press because of the great success we’ve had with you in the past.

It is always a pleasure working with Paul Juhasz, but this project proved to me that Paul is a true professional in every way. Not only did he expedite everything he could for us, he was calm through the entire process, no matter what obstacles we came across. Not only that, but he offered alternative solutions when we asked the impossible.

Beyond Paul, I know the rest of the crew had a huge role in making sure the programs and holy cards were printed and ready to go before visitation began today. Quotes were delivered to me quickly, proofs were ready in almost no time at all and I was kept in the loop during the entire process.

I’m sure your prepress, press, finishing staff and delivery crew had to juggle other jobs to be sure ours was ready in time, and words cannot express how grateful I am for that.

I also have to mention that when I was looking at the electronic file this morning for some information about the services, I found a typo. As you might imagine, I was horrified. But when I received a copy of the finished book, the typo had magically disappeared. I can only imagine one of your eagle-eyed staff caught that for us!

A simple thank you seems so inadequate for what everyone did, but please accept the simple thanks I can offer to you and kudos to everyone who had a hand in this job.

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