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#tbt – quoting

Received this from an old friend. Neat to see what quoting was like back in the day. #tbt #timeshavechanged #commercialprint #print

Why the Brain Prefers Paper

A great article published by Two Sides. Two Sides US Blog – December 2, 2013 There is good news for those who enjoy paper and print!  An article in the recent November 2013 issue of Scientific American magazine clearly supports what we already know:  most people understand and remember text better when read on paper rather than […]

#tbt – Burch Printing

This is the front page of the Toledo Blade back in 1969. It was the last stereotype mat that was ever used before the technology switched to aluminum printing plates. Look at those details…thank you Burch Printing for the kind donation!

#tbt – 3 generations

  Wow talk about #tbt! We have come such a long way from where we started to where we are now. Three generations right here. Thank you to our employees, customers, vendors, and community who have made our growing success possible…we couldn’t have done it without you!

Print Comes Alive

Ever wonder what your furniture is going to look like in your home before you actually purchase it? Now you can. With augmented reality technology, it brings you closer to the product you want. See how IKEA is doing it!  

11 Reasons Why Print is Still Thriving

Have a great weekend everyone! We thought we would share this great article titled 11 Ways Print Design Trumps Web Design, which talks about the value of print and how it is still a great source of communication. Below are 11 reasons as to why print is still thriving in this tech world we live in today. […]