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A Great Secret to a Great Marketing Strategy

Did you know that half of all marketing email is deleted within two seconds?… or that two out of the four best responses to engage with customers is with catalogs and postcards? This is where Homewood Press can step in and help your marketing strategy. Printed material is one of the best ways to engage with […]


An advertisement piece we did back in 2003… Brain Power! Having the right amount of brain power has given us an advantage here at Homewood. By using both the creative right-side of the brain and also the logical left-side of the brain, our team of experts are able to understand not only your specific needs […]

HBO introduces sensory marketing for the favorite TV show Game of Thrones

Even HBO is getting on board with cool marketing techniques..scented marketing anyone?? Scented printing is a great way to stand out and we are here to help. Let us show you what we mean. Email us at rub4scent@homewoodpress.com and we will send you a complimentary scent package full of goodies. http://scentmarketingdigest.com/2012/12/19/hbo-continues-sensory-marketing-for-game-of-thrones/ HBO introduces a great […]

Sneak Preview

Hey everyone, Check out our friend Bryan Ballinger who contacted us to do his scented children’s book. The link below leads to a video which shows a sneak preview of what the book is all about! Bryan Ballinger’s Kickstarter!