Homewood How-to/Halloween Edition: Help Prevent Pumpkin Putridity!

With Halloween just around the corner, many of you will soon begin picking out pumpkins to carve for home and workplace decoration. Here are a few tips to help keep your Jack-O-Lantern jaunty through the holiday and from turning into a scary, stinky, gooey gourd before you return to the office on November 3rd.

• Mold and dehydration are Jack’s worst enemies. Covering the fleshy, carved areas and interior of pumpkin with petroleum jelly will help keep it from drying out and slow mold growth. Also avoid displaying it too close to heat sources, vents and ductwork.

• Other options include spraying the interior with a store-bought pumpkin preservation spray or mixing your own by adding a small amount of bleach with water in a spray bottle. Spray the interior of the pumpkin daily with the bleach mixture to prevent mold and slow decomposition.

• It’s a good idea to keep a plate or cookie sheet under the displayed pumpkin just in case some seepage occurs.

Even with taking these precautions, a carved pumpkin will only last for a week or less, so it’s best to cut your pumpkin no more than a few days before your Halloween festivities.