It’s harder than ever for your message to stand out from the barrage of information facing your key prospects every day. This issue certainly applies to direct mail, where your message not only needs to command attention, but, more often than not, get past a gatekeeper or two before it lands on the desk of the intended recipient. And, of course, your ROI is top-of-mind all the while. That’s where dimensional mail can make the difference.

Dimensional mail consists of a unique package, such as a box or tube, containing a promotional piece – normally, something memorable, frequently functional − and always accompanied by concise and compelling information about your product or service. Thanks to technologies like variable printing, custom content is a breeze, allowing you to efficiently distribute an unlimited number of the same mailer, each with a personalized message. This can show the recipient you’re focusing specifically on them and further reinforce the benefit of what you are offering. Other important considerations to help ensure success include verifying the target contact information/mailing list, confirming delivery by sending the package via a service which requires a signature and following up within a day or two of delivery.

When effectively executed, a dimensional mailer can be the icebreaker you need to ultimately land your next big account. Homewood has extensive experience getting dimensional. Let’s talk about getting the attention you’re seeking.