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Variable Data Printing: Getting Personal Can Pay Off

In the continuous pursuit of cutting through the clutter to get your message noticed, you may want to consider personal direct marketing, also known as variable data printing. Whether you’re targeting existing customers or new prospects, conveying a unique message geared to each recipient is a proven, effective means to get a measurable return on investment – without sacrificing time or incurring one-off expenses. Here’s how it works. With variable data printing, text fields, images and even colors can be customized to individual recipients of mail campaigns or other marketing elements such as leave-behind literature. Examples include promoting specific products based on the individual purchase histories of current customers or targeting prospects with services based on the number of employees they have or location of their business. Mail campaigns utilizing variable data printing also enables improved tracking of response rates to unique offers through the use of barcodes or other custom identifiers. Contact us to learn how Homewood can help get your first VDP campaign off the ground!

First Impressions Mean the Most

Competitive Barefoot Water Skier? Yeah, We Have One of Those.

This month’s Offline Confidential features Pat Felgner, second-shift pressman and shoeless aquatic sensation. A 25-year industry veteran, Pat joined Homewood in 2001. In addition to operating our offset presses, Pat is experienced on nearly all of our gear and this versatility makes him a major asset to the company, allowing us added flexibility in resource allocation. Flexibility is important to Pat as well, as he shared: “The thing I like best about working for Homewood is the family-like culture. It’s family-owned and that feeling is carried across to the workplace.”



He continued, “Thanks to (Homewood President) Scott, I’ve been able to maintain a good work/family life balance over the years, coaching my daughter’s softball team and attending school functions, even though I’m a shift worker.” A Toledo native, Pat and his wife have three daughters. He started water skiing when he was 5, ditched the skis by 13 and has competed at an amateur level for several years. If you ask us, there are not too many things as exhilarating as barefoot water skiing at 40 miles per hour!