November 2018 Newsletter

The Loop: Homewood’s E-News – Vol. 7 Issue 3
Reaching Your Target Market: Millennials Increasingly Drawn to Print
Millennials Holding Social Media Talk Bubbles
Despite an all-digital-all-the-time stereotype, trends reveal that millennial engagement with tangible forms of information media and entertainment is on a measurable upswing, as evidenced by the resurgence of once-thought-to-be relics such as vinyl LPs and instamatic cameras. Savvy marketers are taking note and continue to integrate print into their strategies to reach this significant portion of consumers and what will soon be the largest segment of the US population. A recent story on the digital marketing news site by Ellie Morley-Smith, millennial, and marketing and communications manager of the UK’s APS Group, takes a closer look at the mostly true digital stereotype and why print will continue to play a vital role in reaching millennials into the foreseeable future.
Holiday Mailer Quandary? We Can Help. 
Pen and Checkmarks
We’ve helped alleviate holiday-related stress for customers by fulfilling their year-end greetings on time, on target and on budget for over 80 years. That’s a lot of eggnog, and a lot of experience taking the anxiety out of conveying that perfect message during a truly hectic time, whether it’s in the form of a card, booklet or dimensional mailer. In addition to having mad print, finishing and kitting skills, Homewood’s team knows the ins and outs of postal regulations and policies to help make production and distribution of your project as seamless as possible. Here are a few tips to help ensure we can bring your well-wishes to reality and into the hands of your clients before they wind up 2018:

1. Submit your art file(s) as early as possible! Procrastinators risk being rewarded with a lump of coal!

2. Let us know if any special stocks, inks, die cuts, finishing or bindery techniques are needed. We can accomplish many coating, finish and bindery processes inline, helping save you time and money. However, special-order items or tasks can add to lead time.

3. See #1.

Above all, be sure to contact us with any questions or a heads-up about your upcoming holiday greeting or customer appreciation project needs. Chances are we have a more efficient way to meet your objective, helping keep your holidays peaceful, happy and bright.

Homewood Press holiday cardsHolidays Part Deux:
Greeting Thought Provokers

This vision of Homewood greetings from holiday seasons past might not dance in your head, but it could spur an idea or two for a holiday greeting for your organization if you’re at a loss. It also shows some of our unique capabilities, including: die cuts and custom folding as shown on the poinsettia and gingerbread men on the left, and ornaments and multi-part paper tree pop-up card on the right; assembly and fulfillment of dimensional projects like the phone charger kit in the center; and, unconventional elements like the pull-strip holiday self-mailer in the foreground and the seriously oversized greeting card in the back.

Out and About

Homewood mixed business with pleasure for a good cause over the past month. Members of our operations team were wowed as leading printer manufacturers and suppliers put their latest through the paces at PRINT®18 in Chicago.

Meanwhile, we were proud to support an organization that does so much for the lesser served in our community by fielding our top handicappers to compete in the Cherry Street Mission’s Masters Tournament at the renowned Highland Meadows Golf Club.