If your business heavily depends on collateral to convey your marketing message to customers and prospects, you might find internally managing the resources needed to pull, pack, ship and track orders overwhelming. That was only part of the challenge encountered by BioFit Engineered Products of Bowling Green, a globally recognized ergonomic seating manufacturer that had always handled literature fulfillment in-house.

Company leadership realized the cost inefficiency of utilizing skilled customer service representatives to handle order intake, shipping and inventory tracking. But just as importantly, the company was also aware it was losing potential sales leads, as an automated means to input the contact information of those requesting literature into its new customer relationship management (CRM) system did not exist.

According to BioFit Marketing Director and Regional Sales Manager Ron Buettner, “We needed to get out of the business of FedExing brochures and building binders every day and regain focus on serving customers, generating estimates and filling orders of our specialty seating products.” BioFit turned to its print partner, Homewood, for an end-to-end, custom fulfillment solution.

Must-haves of the literature fulfillment site included:

        • Print-on-demand capability to eliminate large-scale literature storage and facilitate rapid and waste-free updates based on new product launches, model changes, price increases, etc.
        • Order intake, receipt, processing, fulfillment and tracking notification disseminated to applicable recipients at Homewood, BioFit, field sale representatives and end users
        • The ability to not only order print literature, but to download digital versions as well
        • Automated inventory tracking and low quantity alerts for short-run, frequently requested items kept in stock
        • Integration into BioFit’s CRM to enable real time analysis of requests by current dealers and customers while tracking and disseminating sales leads of new contacts/prospects

BioFit interacted with Homewood during the development phase regarding parameters the technical aspects of BioFit’s internal technology infrastructure. The resulting site paid immediate dividends, as orders manually processed through BioFit’s customer service department were reduced by over 50 percent within a week of launch alone. “Homewood stepped up and provided an on-target, cost-effective solution, when we originally thought we would have to turn to a third-party for expensive custom coding to meet our requirements,” Mr. Buettner shared.

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