The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) is at the forefront of promoting visual literacy, which the organization defines as the ability to read, comprehend, and write visual language. The initiative addresses how in today’s increasingly digital world, people are communicating more with images and less with words, with images superseding words as the primary form of human communication.

In support of its educational objectives supporting visual literacy, TMA designed the “Speaking Visual” activity card set – a collection of 90 graphic cards designed to ignite curiosity and critical thinking through investigation of the visual world. Artwork for a portfolio-style sleeve to hold each set of cards was also created by the TMA graphics department, who turned to Homewood for printing and fulfillment of 300 sets.

To provide a quality, efficient and budget-conscious solution, we leveraged our newest press, the Linoprint, to produce the portfolio cover sleeves and the cards. Upon completion of the print process, the sleeves were trimmed, scored, folded and glued, while the cards were put into the proper sequence, trimmed, and inserted into sleeves as complete sets. The assembled card sets were then individually poly-wrapped, cartoned and delivered to the TMA for subsequent distribution.

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