Project Profile: National Fatherhood Initiative


National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to reverse our nation’s destructive trend towards father absence. Today, over 24 million American children live in homes in which their biological fathers do not live. As a result of living without the presence of a responsible and committed father, they face a host of risks to their physical, economic, and emotional well-being. NFI’s mission is to improve the welfare of children by increasing the proportion of those with involved fathers in their lives.

To fulfill its mission, NFI develops and maintains an extensive portfolio of high quality fatherhood skill-building materials, giving organizations around the country the resources, knowledge, and training they need to provide programs to help men be the best dads they can be. That’s where Homewood comes in.

With Homewood’s help, NFI prints and distributes a biannual catalog featuring over 100 fatherhood skill-building products to organizations across the nation.

Further, NFI’s flagship fatherhood programs such as 24/7 Dad®, InsideOut Dad®, and Doctor Dad® are delivered to customers as curriculum kits containing Facilitators’ Manuals and Fathering Handbooks. NFI turns to Homewood to print thousands of copies of these books per year, and relies on them to provide durable products that customers can use for years to come. Further, the InsideOut Dad® Facilitators’ Manuals used by fatherhood program facilitators in maximum security prisons must follow specific printing and binding standards for use in a prison environment. As such, Homewood worked with NFI to select the best binding which will hold up to daily use in such a strict environment.

Homewood continues to be a leader in printing NFI’s low-intensity resources that are distributed to fathers across the country; specifically, tip cards, brochures and pocket guides. These pieces are distributed through social service, health and other community-based organizations across the nation, and are used to help dads learn important fathering skills such as caring for a newborn, how to be a better dad, how to co-parent, and more. Other low-intensity resources printed by Homewood are the “How to Prepare for Deployment” brochures, used on military installations across the world for military dads, and the “How to Prepare for Successful Reentry” brochures, given to incarcerated fathers in county, state, and federal prisons across the nation.

“Homewood offers excellent print services, while completing our projects accurately, on time, and on budget. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without them,” stated Melissa Steward, Vice President, Marketing Department of the National Fatherhood Initiative.