Project Profile: WBGU-TV American Woodshop Mailer

BGSU’s Public Broadcasting station, WBGU-TV, recently turned to Homewood for a unique direct mail solution to help invigorate viewership for one of its flagship programs – “The American Woodshop.”

WBGU-TV Art Director Andy Carpenter engaged Homewood to produce an impactful, carpentry-themed direct mail piece to promote the station’s self-produced, long-running series “The American Woodshop” to television broadcast directors across the country. The result was a booklet with a natural wood grain look containing a USB drive of show trailers and highlights. The drive absolutely screamed “woodworking,” featuring a custom wooden enclosure engraved with “The American Woodshop” logo.

Mr. Carpenter shared: “Homewood really came through in getting our project printed and assembled on time and on budget. Although there was a unique binding that required a lot of handwork and positioning/gluing of the wooden USB drive, it all came together nicely. We were very pleased with the end result and our Executive Producer and star of ‘The American Woodshop,’ Scott Phillips, was thrilled with the booklet and requested additional copies for his sponsors and guests. Overall it was a huge success and we have Dan Curson and the staff of Homewood to thank! Job well done!”

The booklets were printed on Homewood’s new Heidelberg Linoprint – providing the anticipated, realistic wood-grain appearance while helping minimize costs – and hand-assembled using screw posts to tie in to the woodworking theme. The finished booklets were inserted into bubble envelopes and mailed to complete fulfillment.

Homewood’s Sales Representative Dan Curson is slated to follow-up with WBGU-TV soon to gauge the success of the project.