Sales Reps vs. Solution Providers: Which Do You Prefer?


A supplier representative recently made a cold call to our facility. As sales pitches go, his was extremely raw and in-your-face, as he literally insisted to the first employee he encountered that we should buy his product, followed by, “How many can I put you down for?” Guess what? He ended up putting us down for none. At Homewood, our approach is at the opposite end of the spectrum. We strive to be a catalyst in our customers’ continued success.

For starters, our account managers are relationship builders. They take a keen interest in learning our clients’ businesses, including their goals and the challenges they face. And, they aren’t order takers. We realize every customer has different needs, but sometimes, what they think they need may not necessarily be the best solution to meet their objective.

We think our account team is one of the most knowledgeable in the business, and they love to share their experience in an effort to help their customers – and their customers’ customers – find better ways to promote themselves with Homewood’s proven offline solutions. Plus, our team does whatever they can to make life easier and make sure every job is a success – from beginning to end. This includes things like participating in onsite pre-project discovery, personal proof delivery and review, and facilitating lunch-and-learns to educate client marketing team members on the latest offline techniques. Individually, these practices aren’t a new way to interact with customers, but together, we believe they set us apart and help lead to positive outcomes all around – time and again.