What is Rub4Scent?

Tidbits on Rub4ScentTM 

  • We can add scent to any coated stock.
  • Rubbing the scent will release the aroma more effectively than scratching it.
  • The amount of scent and its intensity is generally determined by size of the scented area and the amount of rubbing. So, a larger scented area and multiple rubs, will yield more aroma.
  • Unlike traditional gelatin based encapsulation products (ie: Scratch ‘n’ Sniff), Rub4ScentTM can last for many years.


  • Educational

    Such as teaching children the scent of natural gas in homes so they know what to expect, training police dogs how to find marijuana, and training the military on what different chemical bombs smell like.

  • Marketing Material

    Scented printing can link your marketing material to a whole new level. Our brains have a direct connection with our olfactory sense, which means it has the strongest connection between our five senses. Scent can help your company stand out compared to the competition, because the customer is more prone to remembering your message over someone else.

  • Books

    Especially children’s books. Children love to interact with anything that is put in their hands. They will have a blast with a book they get to sniff!

  • Fun

    It is simply a great way to make your project fun. It will help you and your company interact with your customers, get conversations flowing and create stronger relationships.

Have questions? Interested in creating your own project?