Taking Your New Year’s Resolution Offline

By now, you’re implementing your 2015 marketing plan – full of objectives or “resolutions” designed to more effectively reach customers and prospects. Even with the best intents, we all know that resolutions are often times hard to keep, and meeting marketing goals is no exception. That’s where Homewood can help.8e1eabe9-8237-43ec-8202-66e89cefe609Savvy marketers realize that striking a balance between digital and offline tactics is more critical than ever to establishing and leveraging meaningful customer touch points. Social Media Today reports that in 2015, 50% of all digital marketers point to cross-channel marketing as a priority, followed by a more-smoothly integrated online and offline approach. Currently, only 31% feel they have the right mix between the two.

Homewood specializes in impactful offline solutions such as dimensional direct mail, square-edge binding, scented printing and other attention-grabbing sensory techniques. Our knowledgeable professionals welcome the opportunity to consult with your marketing team to evaluate your current strategy and determine if enhancing the offline ratio could be beneficial in forming or strengthening customer relationships. Contact us today for more information and let’s ring in a new level of success this year!