What to say when.. Print isn’t Green

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!

Convo for the weekend:

Being “Green” is great, however, many people think they are saving the environment by reading information via digital text. We are here to tell you that this isn’t always the best choice.

Even though at this point in time it is the new fad, the long-term effects are not good for our Earth.

Did you know that: 63.5% of all paper consumed in the USA was recovered for recycling in 2010, which has increased by 77% since 1990. Compared to the 3.16 million tons of electronic waste that was generated in just 2008 alone (can you image now in 2013?)… and that 50-80% of that electronic waste is disposed over seas unsafely.

“Printed products are a renewable resource. Once a printed product has served its purpose, it re-enters the cycle as a new product”..unlike most electronic products.



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