What to say when someone says “using paper kills trees”..

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Convo for the weekend:

Commercial printers are bombarded with the simple statement: “Using paper kills trees”.

This is the perfect time to tell everyone that commercial printers (like ourselves) do everything we can to preserve the Earth.

Many people have this image in their head that commercial printers are using random tress from random places and just cold heartedly cutting them down. We are here to tell you that this is not the case.

-Did you know that: even though the primary raw material for our industry is trees, they are actually from well-managed forests or farms that are constantly being re-planted?

It has also came to our attention that: A report from the Sweden’s Royal Institue of Technology calculated that a person using a 160-watt computer with a 120-watt screen (which is a normal computer usage) who reads an online newspaper for 30 minutes a day actually does more environmental damage that if they had purchased the paper edition.


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